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Purchase, delivery

A winning return on investment

By eating more slowly, you will eat less, so you automatically spend less on food for your meal.


  • Based on an average meal price of 5 euros (see here)
  • With 10% less food consumed *, you save 0.1 * 5 = 0.5 euros / meal.
  • About 30 euros (30 euros = 2 * 0.5 * 30) saved by the end of the month.

Delivery method

In France, the delivery reaches you in the form of a registered letter.

For any other country, you do not need to get out of the house or wait for delivery. Your Slow Control pack arrives directly in your mailbox.

Delivery time

  • France: 1 to 3 work days.
  • Europe: 2 to 5 work days
  • Rest of the world: 3 to 8 work days


  • Slow Control comes with its AAAA battery (4A) already mounted in the dongle.
  • With two meals a day, the lifetime of the battery is estimated at 3 months.
  • AAAA batteries (4A) can be found in supermarkets or on the internet.

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