During the meal

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What to do when eating with hands?

Of course you can continue to eat with your hands, even if it is better to use the fork to effectively limit the size of your bite and therefore your speed. The danger of eating fast is not limited to a single event (like an accident), it is the repetition of the scenario that tires the metabolism and becomes dangerous if one does not adopt good eating habits.

I wish not to be noticed

The object is discreet; there is no reason to be noticed. If you wish, you can even disable the light signal, which makes the function totally invisible.

You could also discover that you can become an ambassador of values ​​that you will be happy to wear and share: with a desire to take care of your body and your health, a better sharing of the meal with your entourage, the awakening of your consciousness to live the moment. Like this, everyone on a small scale decreases the pressure on the planet by consuming less.

Will the fork ruin my pleasure of eating?

On the contrary! The subject is documented by scientific research. Eating slowly helps to better appreciate the tastes and flavors. The palate and the olfactory system better perceive volatiles

If we eat fast and breathe hard when we are in a hurry, we can not taste a lot of food, because we waste a lot of volatile substances by inhaling them into the lungs. However, breathing slowly through the nose allows air to enter the nasal cavity and lungs, creating a sort of air barrier that separates the throat and mouth and prevents volatile substances from entering the lungs. When exhaling, the air enters the back of the mouth to transport the volatile substances in the nose.”

Dr. Gordon Shepherd, professor of neuroscience at Yale University

I’d need an electroshock to stop me, a little vibration will not do the trick

This product does only one thing for one type of person. It helps to slow down eating people who wish to eat more slowly. If you have the desire, you will succeed incredibly easily and efficiently.

Why? Just because the fork will awake your attention when you eat too fast. This will make you eat more slowly. No need for punishment, it’s just about blocking inattention. The best proof is that a fast eater succeeds very well in eating slowly at the beginning of the meal, he is not subject to uncontrollable gluttony, he is conscious. But suddenly, his attention fades away and that’s when he becomes a fast eater. You just have to warn him discreetly, and he will eat more slowly again, just like he was able to do at the beginning of the meal.

I have dental issues, is the vibration a problem?

No, the vibration is not a problem.
There are at least three reasons:

  1. The vibration is light
  2. The vibration is located in the handle under the hand that holds the fork. The fork head does not vibrate.
  3. The vibration is triggered about 1 second after the mouthing; by then, the fork usually left the mouth already.

How to clean Slow Control Fork and Spoon?

Just think of removing the dongle from the handle. This one is not exposed to the food and can easily be cleaned with a cloth. The fork handle and the spoon handle that have been exposed to the food are dishwasher safe.

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